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To Crocker Sales;

Last September we purchased a TS120 and had many questions about the water chemicals that the manual did not seem to address for us. We called Crocker, and Andrea was extremely helpful in the set up of the tub. Andrea made us feel like all our questions were important and that we were not a bother.

In the event we would purchase another spa or recommend one to a friend, we would recommend Crocker, because of Andrea. You can purchase a hot tub anywhere, it is the information and help once you get the tub home, that is invaluable.

Thank you
-Cathy and John Sanford Meredith NH

Hello Andrea and Mike,

Once agin this past Saturday I stopped in to have my Spa water tested and obtain a recommendation for chemicals to bring the water up to acceptable standards. I have done this on numerous occasions since I purchased our CS 743 two years ago. You both have always been extremely pleasent and helpfull in providing advise and test results at no charge. To be sure a Spa is a substantial investment and its gratifying to know that there is a reliable source to go to for advise & testing.

My hats off to you for your outstanding service and I certainly recommend Crocker Sales of Merrimack to anyone interested in purchasing a Spa. Please do not hesitate to forward my name to any of your potential customers for confirmation of my satisfaction with you and your products.

Best Regards

Hi Michael,

Please share this with everyone at Crocker. I was very satisfied with Bill and his delivery team . They were outstanding and Bill was very informative with start up of my new hot tub. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the exceptional phone support that I received from everyone at Crocker and especially your phone call after hours and your willingness to come out first thing in the morning. I am glad that we were able to resolve this issue over the phone without further assistance.

Thanks again ,
-Ron Williams

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to thank you for your help in purchasing a hot tub from Crocker Sales. Your advice on the hot tub we purchased was definitely the right choice. Delivery was hassle-free with Billy and his crew. They were very professional with the install. Again, thanks for everything. Looking forward to the next purchase.

-Angelo and Kathy Serino

We have had our hot tub now for over a year. When we first had the tub delivered the cover had a small tear on the inside. The technician who installed it, noticed it and had it replaced for us. That to me said a lot for the type of company I was dealing with. Now over a year later, the screen for the control panel began getting condensation making it difficult to read. I called Crocker and they sent a technician out. Long blond haired guy with a pony tail (awesome guy). He fixed the panel and 2 other issues he found. If your are reading this and trying to decide what spa maker to go with. I would buy from them over and over. They stand behind their product with actions.

Thanks to everyone at Crocker for you dedication to impressive customer service!!!!!

-Scott Brouillard

Hello, this is David Cournoyer, we had a hot tub delivered to my home on 6/3/14… i would like to express the professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge of the driver Dan… he loves his job, and displays a caring attitude …( my thoughts i believe he would be great in sales).

Thank you
Fairhaven, Mass

Dear Crocker Sales Management Team,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you to acknowledge what an incredible experience it was to purchase a new spa from Mike Peters. My wife and I attended the sale event at the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington back in early April. We were killing time that Sunday afternoon and stopped by the event out of curiosity. We had no intention of purchasing a spa. Then we met Mike.

We quickly explained to him that we had no interest in a spa and that we were simply being nosey. We had never considered buying a spa before and immediately dismissed the reality of it because we hadn’t done any research, nor did we have the budget for one. We also had no idea where we would place a spa on our property, and to consider doing so, we would have to do some extensive landscaping.

As we looked at the Artesian Pelican Bay model, my wife commented that IF we were to ever consider buying a spa, that it would have to be that one. In addition to speaking to Mike, we also had an incredibly informative and non-sales-like discussion with a gentleman (I have forgotten his name) who trains all of the field technicians.

Our day-dreaming ended quickly and we left the event and headed home. Once home, we continued to talk about the Pelican Bay model and ventured outside to joke about where it might sit. An hour later we were back in the car and headed back to see Mike. We purchased the spa on the spot, probably the last sale of the event.

Our fondness and gratitude toward Mike only began that day. From then on, through the process of planning for delivery and prepping the location and electrical feed, I communicated with Mike repeatedly. Each time he responded immediately in a caring and professional manner, never leaving a question unanswered or a concern unaddressed.

On the delivery day, luck was with us as the delivery team was under-staffed and both Mike and a store manager (I think his name was Lou) were on the scene. The delivery site made it difficult to maneuver the spa, yet the process of getting it situated went extremely well. The third young man that assisted with the delivery was also a pleasure to meet and he did an excellent job.

Mike had promised to come back to make a site visit to demonstrate how to operate the spa and teach us about the chemical applications. Again, he was incredibly professional, unbelievably knowledgeable, and communicated in such a way that he made us feel very comfortable, completely satisfied, and thrilled about our whimsical purchase. Over the first couple of weeks I reached out to Mike with several more questions and again he responded immediately and provided quick and informative answers.

From step A to Z in the process, Mike was phenomenal. If not for him, we would not have purchased the spa.

Thank you for what we hope continues to be an awesome experience!

-Mark Mauriello

Dear Jim,

I wanted to follow up with you after today’s service to thank you for your help with my hot tub repair. I was impressed with the speed of your response as well as the quickness of the technician’s arrival to repair the tub. John, my technician, had been to the house before and went right to work. He was friendly and professional. He completed the repair quickly and put everything back perfectly. I am very appreciative of the quality of the service, repair, and staff! Please pass my thanks to John as well.

Thank you,
-Greg “Gates” Plowman (G.P.)


I would like to thank you and your “A” team for helping me through the issue I had with my hot tub. Calling and talking to Andrea, she was very knowledgeable and professional in trying to talk me through the issues I was having. I ended up needing a service man come out, but I know she did all she could over the phone to help me.

I can not say enough good things about your serviceman Joe, that drove the 2+ hours from NH to Cape Cod to help me. I was so stressed the days leading up to his arrival thinking the worst was wrong with my tub. Joe was very professional, and easy to talk too. He showed me around the workings of the tubs mechanics, and gave me some great pointers on how to care for the tub that weren’t in the manual. The kind of info you can only get by professionals such as himself. He diagnosed the problem and fixed my tub with no worries at all.

As a businessman myself, I know that its not easy to get good help. Let me just tell you that Joe exemplifies all the traits/characteristics of a true professional. You should be very pleased to be surrounded by such great helpers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has given positive feed back on your team, but I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to you and your whole company.

Many Thanks,
-Brian G
Cape Cod, MA

Hi Mike

My husband and I would just like to take the time to say how much we appreciated Bill who delivered our hot tub on 3/1/13. Not only was he professional but he was pleasant, took his time explaining everything and never got frustrated with all the questions we asked. It is not very often someone from delivery is that nice and patient. It was actually a good experience. The other men were also very professional and pleasant. Couldn’t be more happy, please let Bill know how much we appreciated him that day.

-Beth and Tom Oliveri

To whom it may concern,

Our hot tub was delivered on Saturday and I would like to say we were very impressed with the three delivery men. They were very accommodating and definitely went above and beyond. Again, I am very pleased with their services and believe their hard work should be recognized.

Thank you,
-Caitlin M. Jones


I wanted to take a few mins and thank you for all your help in becoming spa owners.

I really appreciate that you were willing to actually spend some time with my wife and I discussing the merits of various spas without giving us a high pressure sales pitch or trying to steer us to any particular product. The more time we spend in our spa the more I realize that you helped us pick the perfect spa for our needs. Your recommendations we all spot on.

Once we purchased the spa it impressed the heck out of me that you were willing to come out to our home and do a site inspection, to help up determine the correct location to place the spa. You even spent the extra time to make sure I understood the answers to all of the 52 questions I had come up with since the purchase. I realize I was a pain during the site prep process and I am sure you had more important things to do than review pictures of my concrete pad or discuss 4 wire disconnects but you provided me with valuable information and made sure I had a concrete pad that would properly support my new spa. Thanks for actually looking at the pictures and not just saying it looked good enough as I concrete pad version 1.0 probably would have caused huge problems once the tub was filled with water. The upgrade to concrete pad version 2.0 was definitely needed and while my shoulder is still sore from mixing all that concrete, flattening it out and removing the dip was definitely the right call.

It is getting harder and harder to find companies and vendors who actually care about the product they are selling and spend the time to make sure the customer is getting the support they need. Everyone I have talked to at Crocker from Andrea in the office in Nashua to the Delivery guys Danny, Pete and Mike have all been very helpful and knowledgeable. The Crocker staff all really seem committed to making sure things are just right for the end customer.

To me a SPA is a big purchase and you and your team have done a great job of making me feel comfortable that I made the right decision. I feel that you and Crocker have done a great job, will continue to support me and are committed to standing behind the products you sell.

Thanks for a great spa buying experience.
-Andrew G. Hamilton

P.S. Don’t worry I am sure I will still have questions so you will still be getting some poorly worded rambling emails from me. Also if you are even in the area feel free to stop in anytime, you are always welcome and I am sure I can come up with a few questions for you.

To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding level of service I received from Mike after purchasing our Spa from Crocker Sales. Not only was Mike knowledgeable about the product he was kind and patience with me.

Mike is a very approachable salesman/serviceman and manager. He is a fine communicator and an asset to any company that is lucky enough to employ him.

I’m so very glad that he helped us out. (and so thankful he gave out his cell phone number on his day off!)

Thanks Mike! You’re the Best!!
-jenny frain
April 25, 2011


Kim and I wanted to express our gratitude and satisfaction with our recent purchase of our Crosstrainer 2. As you know, Kim spent several hours researching several products before we made our decision to purchase a Crosstrainer 2. Although she spent a lot of time doing that research, we still had many questions. When we visited you in your Merrimack showroom we were very pleased with how you took the time to answer all of our remaining questions. You were also very patient in showing us the many features of the swim spa itself.

One of our priorities was to find a dealer that could also arrange the many logistics involved with the purchase, including pouring the cement pad and the necessary electrical work. Everything fell together nicely, on schedule, and within our budget. Two days after having the spa delivered we were enjoying it!

Everyone we worked with was exceptional. When the crew came out to pour the pad they were personable, friendly, and answered even more questions from us. The same crew delivered the spa and they were professional, courteous, and again, they answered another endless battery of our questions. Never once did they complain about the hard work they did – in fact, just the opposite – there was a lot of laughing that accompanied the delivery once the hard work was done. We all actually had a great time during that. That crew should be commended – we were surprised at their strength and skill. David, the crew leader, did a fantastic job of directing things and making sure everything was done correctly, right down to the perfect placement of the spa on its pad. Once the spa was on the pad, Bill did a great job over going over the chemicals and their use.

The reference to Sampson Electric was great! Dave came out and did a very clean, prompt job that worked right the first time. Again, he came in below our estimate, saving us more money.

Once the spa was filled and running we noticed one of the waterfalls wasn’t working. Jim was able to come out quickly, diagnose the issue and resolve it. The “Spa Doctor” was great, courteous and fast, showing us that we can count on Crocker Sales in the event we need future warranty work done.

As for the swim spa itself, we just LOVE it! We have experimented with all of the settings and we have discovered it has unlimited possibilities for both relaxing and working out. Even without the provided exercise gear, there are endless ways to enjoy low impact workouts while getting a massage at the same time! Our friends ask us about how great it is and we really can’t put it into words. I suppose we’ll just have to have more friends over more often! Oh, and another thing about the swim spa – I was originally worried about how loud it would be, but it’s whisper quiet!

From start to finish we have had nothing but a great experience working with Crocker Sales. Every person we’ve dealt with and every product we’ve experienced have been top-notch. Your people are personable, helpful, and we can tell you all enjoy doing what you do for a living. I bet it makes it much easier when you’re selling a great product such as the Crosstrainer 2!

Again, thank you all so much and for making our purchase of the Crosstrainer 2 such an enjoyable one!

Please feel free to share our opinions with your customers.

Kindest Regards,
-Kurt & Kim Bunge
Maynard, MA


My family and I cant thank you enough for introducing us to our new Exeter spa. We were extremely impressed with your vast product knowledge and attention to our needs while focusing on the all important budget when we visited the Hot Tub Expo. Upon delivery, your staff was cordial and knowledgeable when it came to pointing out the importance of testing (Which they were spot on!) and what to expect in the days to follow.

We’ve had our spa for 6 months and we have enjoyed all the features and relaxation for around $30 to run. Once again, Bravo Mike for being right on with the cost to run! What a way to end your day relaxing with family in an Exeter Spa!

-The Maxwell’s

Hi Mike,

I am the happy owner of the Master Spa Cross-Trainer for several months now. We previously had an above ground pool and separate hot tub. Living in New England, it stopped making sense to go through the efforts and cost of opening and closing the pool for only a few months use each year. We sold the pool and the hot tub and now have the use of both in a year round Master Spa. The care and maintenance is simple and knowing it is usable year round is wonderful. My husband has already used the Master Spa more times in a few months than he used the pool over 10 years! The wave technology is superior to other models we looked into. I love being able to switch between swimming easily or vigorously, and lounging in the hot tub side as often as I wish. I recommend this Spa to anyone and believe it is “the wave” of the future for any region that cannot use outdoor pools year round — and even if they can!

-Laura Bennett


We Recently Purchased a H2X Swim Spa from you – While seeing the spa at a show in Wilmington we realized that’s what we wanted. The unit was delivered promptly and I have to say that the 4 young men that delivered it where EXCELLENT – it was a difficult task to maneuver the spa from the drive way to the pad. They worked very hard and seemingly enjoying their task, they put it perfectly in place. The unit was cleaned to perfection and all the instructions were presented to me in a very professional manner. We found all the staff in your company have been great with wether its by phone or in person. thanks all.

-Jackie Rowe
-Ken McCartney

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new spa. Seriously, one of the best decisions we’ve made. Everything from picking it out to delivery, setup, and support has been fabulous. I couldn’t have ask for a better spa buying experience! You’ve been there to answer what seems to me like the silliest questions, try calling someone at costco to ask if you should shock your spa and how, they just dump and run. You’ve personally been there for us through the whole experience and I sincerely appreciate all your help and I would recommend buying a spa from Crocker sales to anyone. I will never go anywhere else again

Thank you,
-Nick Lombardo

Dear Louis –

I’m writing today to let you know how much I appreciate the assistance of one of your employees, Richie Sevier.

This year, my in-ground pool was opened on June 10th. Unfortunately, the water was filled with bacteria and required much attention to get it ready for the season. We believe that a little critter must have met its demise in that water over the winter. I was heart-broken.

I worried that I didn’t have enough knowledge about how the process works to properly stabilize that water. After all, I’m a city girl and I never had my own pool. Well, Richie and all his infinite wisdom provided all the necessary information to me. He went above and beyond when explaining how the chemicals work and what I should expect. Richie took the time to help me understand what I needed to do and walked me through the whole process, step-by-step. What seemed to be a complicated and burdensome deal, ended up being a very educational experience. He even followed up with phone calls to my home, re-enforcing my confidence that I would soon allow the kids to swim.

My girls have been thoroughly enjoying the pool ever since I got my “gold star” from Richie, just in time for this summer’s heat wave. Thanks to your wonderful employees, Richie, Cherie, Sheryl, Tom, Jim and all the other who are really the ones that deserve that “gold star”.

Thanks, again for everything!

Very truly yours,
-Lisa Monteiro
Home Owner
Burlington, Ma

Just a few words of THANK You to Mr.Mike Peters of Crocker Sales. We are new owners of your fine product and enjoying the spa very much. The benefits to our health are outstanding and the upkeep is easy. Our questions and concerns have been well taken care by Mike. He is truely a great addition to CrockerSpa ,thanks again.

-Ray and Lu Cote

Dear Crocker Sales

I just wanted to send a quick thank you regarding the support we received from both Richie Sevier and Jim MacLachlan. Both of these folks were instrumental in our recent purchase of a hot tub, and they backed up what they preached, when it came time to resolving an issue that had taken place with our hot tub.

Both of these individuals tried coaching us through the resolution of the issue over the phone, trying a few different suggestions without any success. With an office holiday party scheduled for 5:30 pm at my house, after a week of moving our offices, time was running out.

Just like a commercial, Jim arrived a little before 4:00 pm and had the issue resolved by 5:00 pm allowing plenty of time for the hot tub to heat up before some of the folks took advantage of a nice soak in the tub.

Jim MacLachlan went above and beyond, not only getting to our house in Easton on a Friday afternoon but also following up with a phone call on Monday morning to make sure that we were all set.

Thanks again to all the members of your team.

-Rich and Gail McGrath

Dear Hal Clipper

We would like to thank you for the fine job that Dave and John did building our gazebo and assembling our spa. They both are very polite and professional in their jobs. I commend Crocker Sales for having such fine employees working for them. Also your sales person Richie is very professional without being pushy.

We hope to continue doing business with Crocker Sales. When we get ready to replace our picture window for a bay window, we plan to have Dave and John do the work and we plan to recommend you to everyone we know.

Keep up the good work in maintaining helpful and professional employees like Dave, John, and Richie.

-Jim & Martha Resendes
E. Falmouth, MA

Dear Hal,

I want to commend your service department for the quick response time in the repair of our new spa.

We have been very happy with our experience at Crocker Sales. Our sales person Richie has been helpful, even after the sale. Working with John and Richie on our recent problem shows the commitment your company has toward customer satisfation.

We have recommended Crocker Sales to many of our friends.

Thanks again for the great service.

-Rick Goulter
Topsfield, MA

Dear Hal,

Since it was you who sold me my spa, I wanted to give you a little feed back regarding one of your employees. Just a nice story.

I’m a single mother living with my three kids (2 females!) in Newburyport. The day my spa was delivered, I had taken the afternoon off from work to buy an air conditioner for my living room. I was home with my 19 year old daughter, opening the box and realizing there was no way I could possibly install a 14,000 BTU air conditioner alone! I was on the phone with the store trying to set up a time when a installer could come out when your guys pulled up with my new spa.

They were so cheerful and polite and before I even explained my dilemma they had my air conditioner installed! I didn’t ask, they just did it! I offered them some cash which I practically forced on them! After the spa was installed and I finally forced a glass of water on them. Bradley explained the set up & operation of the spa and as they were leaving Bradley said there is a little gift for you under a video, after they left I realized it was the money that I had given them.

I think that kind of niceness should be recognized, so I just had to write this note. Also, Bob Sampson re-arranged his schedule so that I could have my spa ready when my daughter came home from camp tomorrow night. You are a lucky company to have such a great team.

-Patty Berhisy

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your time and efforts helping me reprogram our Trainer 19 Deep for the fall and winter operation. We have been immensely satisfied with its performance. The 4 grand children (ages 3 to 5) love the “white water rafting” experience with their water-wings and floaties while becoming comfortable in a water setting and learning how to swim! The “Boss” uses both hot tub and exercises areas for relief from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Yours truly is content with a dip after mowing and a beer spa side. Crocker Sales has lived up to its claims for excellent customer service – of which you are a part, and we wish to thank you guys for a great product and great customer support.

- The Bennetts

Good morning Andrea,

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome customer service experience.
Each and every step of the way you have been helpful, happy, polite and informative.
You don’t always get that today.
Although a bit of a hike getting up there you made it worth the trip.

Again, thank you.

We recently purchased our hot tub, so haven’t had much time to enjoy. In starting the tub, we noticed how poor the documentation from the manufacturer is and we ran into some issues. After an initial phone call to Crocker, I went into the store and spoke directly with Mike. He answered all my questions and helped resolved our issues. I called the next day with another question and he calmly and expertly helped again. It is important to have someone you can deal with who is knowledgeable, calming and attentive. Mike is all those things!

-Julie Orsino

I had John out to service our 12 year old Artesian tub and the guy was great. No wasting time. Identified the issue replaced some plumbing. Recommended a fix to another issue and saved me cash and did a fast job of finishing up and cleaning up. I appreciate having people with experience and good manners working at my home and this guy was wonderful.

-Michael Sweeney