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Endure™ Patio Doors

Our Most Efficient Patio Door Ever

ProVia’s Endure™ vinyl sliding glass patio doors deliver stunning energy efficiency and meet the most stringent industry standards for storm protection, ease of entry and forced entry. Additionally, options for interior woodgrain colors and popular exterior paint colors, varying internal grid styles and patterns, and multiple choices for glass and hardware enable homeowners to customize Endure™ sliding patio doors to fit their own personal aesthetic.

Neopor® insulated, multi-chamber vinyl profiles with 5-38” frame depth give the Endure™ sliding glass patio door greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement. Because of ProVia’s attention to energy efficiency in patio door construction, the Endure™ patio doors are ENERGY STAR® certified and have been independently tested to meet strict energy efficiency standards.

Endure™ brand sliding glass patio doors come standard with ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing, a high-tech glass package that measurably improves thermal performance—for less heat loss, warmer glass temperatures and reduced interior condensation.

Endure™ Configurations

ProVia offers its Endure™ sliding glass patio doors in two-, three- and four-panel configurations for maximum flexibility. Multiple options for patio door interior and exterior colors, deluxe hardware, glass designs and interior grids provide the opportunity for a high degree of customization.


Patio glass config-1
Patio glass config-2
Patio glass config-3
Patio glass config-4
Patio glass config-5
Patio glass config-6
Patio glass config-7

Endure™ Construction

Standard features of the Endure™ sliding glass patio door are designed to provide high energy efficiency, ease of operation, durability and optimal security.

The Endure™ patio door’s standard features are the details that count.

endure Patio door features
endure Galvanized steel reinforced panels

Galvanized steel reinforced panels ensure rigidity and stable operation.

endure water draining system

Sill is reinforced with galvanized steel. Pair that with our patented water draining system, and it results in an efficient and durable base for our patio door.

Endure Neopor insulation

Strong, multi-chamber profiles with Neopor® insulation and 5-38” frame depth offer greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement.

endure ball bearing rollers

Suspended by ball bearing rollers this top-hung heavy-duty aluminum screen frame with UltraVue® fiberglass mesh reduces binding, creating effortless operation.

endure vent lock

The vent lock adds peace of mind when you want to leave the door open for ventilation yet keep would-be intruders out.

endure sliding system

Patented sliding system features four adjustable 1" wheels per operating panel to ensure smooth, easy and quiet operation.

endure Spring-loaded latch system

Spring-loaded latch system automatically engages upon closing. Latch also includes interior locking feature. UltraVue® fiberglass mesh is standard, heavy-duty fiberglass, stainless steel or aluminum mesh is optional.

endure mobile panel rails

Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from the outside virtually impossible. Lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.

endure Patio Chart


ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

ProVia is committed to manufacturing patio doors using the highest quality frame and sash designs along with energy efficient glazing systems.

We also promote up-front verification to ensure our products meet or exceed the EPA’s certification, and that your new patio door will provide the exact energy efficiency you expect from ProVia.

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